The Thrive Support Program is our flagship program to support people in need access cancer treatments or services not normally covered by government or healthcare plans.


Step 1: Submit Application
Completion and submission of online application form and Letter of Intent. The Letter of Intent (maximum 1-2 pages), to be uploaded with the online form, is intended to provide our program committee with a brief personal history and background of your diagnosis and treatments. Incomplete applications will not be evaluated until all components are submitted.
Step 2: Initial Submission Evaluation
Our program committee will evaluate your completed application and letter of intent (of Step 1) for initial qualification. If you meet our program criteria, you will receive an email notification inviting you to submit the required documentation supporting your application.
Step 3: Submit Following Further Documentation
  1. Proof of low-income status:
    • Preferable income tax notice of assessment T4, welfare or government support documentation.
  2. Oncology Report:
    • This verifies your cancer diagnosis and should be sent to us from your health care provider.
  3. Records Release Form:
    • This form is to be filled out, signed and sent by your health care provider, and gives Thrive Alive Foundation the right to inquire about your health care and treatments.
  4. Health Care Practitioner Form:
    • This form is intended to be completed by your chosen health care practitioner, outlining treatments sought and associated costs. It is your responsibility to find an approved practitioner and have this person complete the form. Thrive Alive Foundation does not provide medical advice or referrals.
Step 4: Submit Application Checklist
You will submit an application checklist to Thrive Alive Foundation notifying us of all documents submitted and by whom.
Step 5: Application Review and Decision
Application and supporting documents review by program committee to determine acceptance into program. You will be notified by email and/or phone regarding the status of your application. If you are successful, you will be notified the total funds awarded for your chosen treatments.
Step 6: Treatment Begins
You may begin your treatments and your chosen health care provider/practitioner will invoice Thrive Alive Foundation one time only for your treatments and/or visits at the end of your treatment cycle.
Step 7: Thrive Alive Remits Payment To Provider
Thrive Alive Foundation will cover cost of treatment (or the approved amount) directly to your health care provider/practitioner. You will receive no financial payment in this transaction.
  • To ensure the level and standard of care for our recipients, treatments offered by registered health care practitioners in Canada will only be considered for support at this time.
  • Eligible recipients must be considered low-income for their community size (according to Statistics Canada) and must submit an application for support, providing all required documentation as identified in the application.
  • Applicants may be any age, including children, youth and seniors. Applicants under the age of 16 must have consent and provide reference from a legal guardian. We will only be able to support one category of treatment per eligible applicant.
  • Applications will be reviewed regularly by the Thrive Support Program Advisory Board and approval will be based on the individual’s need, eligibility criteria and number of applications being considered. Once accepted for support, treatment or services costs will be subsidized directly to the health care practitioner or provider.
The number one factor determining the level of support we can provide is funding for our program. Support Thrive Alive Foundation today and make a difference in someone’s life today.