Do you have a treatment centre?
No, we do not have a treatment centre and we are not affiliated with any centres, clinics or agencies.
Can you give me medical advice?
No, we do not give medical advice or referrals.
Can I speak to someone from Thrive Alive Foundation on the phone to discuss my application?
No, the application process is completed online. If you have questions regarding your application please contact us and a representative will respond as promptly as possible.
Will I receive a tax receipt for donating?
Yes, we are a registered charitable organization. Our charitable registration number is: # 82551 9267 RR0001


What is integrative cancer care?
Integrative cancer care addresses the needs of the physical body, immune system, mind, emotions and spirituality, and which also includes the illness, tumour or compromised part of the body.  The integrative cancer care approach respects that illness, specifically cancer, can be multifactorial with ‘multiple’ causes, in which the goal of integrative care is to address these whenever possible.

This area of medicine receives minimal or zero funding in the Canadian healthcare system.  Statistically, it estimated that more than 80% of patients living with cancer use some form of integrated care, most of which is paid for out of pocket.

Evidence suggests that integrative care are helping people manage their cancers better, enhancing quality of life, increasing survival even in advanced cases and saving lives!  Again, this is largely paid for privately which limits the full potential of this area especially in those with limited or exhausted funds.

Is government medical coverage the same in each province?
Across Canada, there can be great variability on what is defined as “medical coverage”.  In part, this is directed based on budget constraints and regulatory boards & committee’s (i.e. who is running the show). This why you can see, for example in cancer care, chemotherapy medicines and various supportive medicine/services can be covered or insured (paid for) by the provincial medical system in one province but may not be covered in another. This also includes surgical procedures among other treatments.
What does private insurance cover?
There are varying degrees of insurance plan coverage for those who have it. Some insurance plans, for example, can pay up to 80% for chemotherapy medicines not paid for by the provincial government saving people with cancer thousands of dollars monthly (i.e. depending on the treatments).  Moreover, some plans may provide limited coverage for integrative cancer treatments (i.e. acupuncture, exercise programs, massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, etc.) that are not part of government-subsidized healthcare.

Private healthcare plans vary and so do coverage plans; thus one of Thrive Alive Foundation’s education goals is to create greater awareness on this subject as a good private insurance plan can provide timely support.


How often can I apply?
Accepted applicants may apply every 2 calendar years following the last date of treatment.
Do you give support directly to people to help pay bills?
No, there is absolutely no monetary exchange between applicants and Thrive Alive Foundation. We support treatments and services only and accounts are settled directly with the service provider. Personal bills and living expenses, including vehicle, mortgage and rent payments, are not covered.
Can I use funds for different types of treatments?
Support is only allocated for one billable health care facility or practitioner, we do not accept billing from multiple practitioners.
How much money can I be approved for?
We usually provide support based on a 6 – 8 week treatment cycle only; however, treatments and services vary and at this time we typically do not exceed $1,000 in total as we are a small and growing organization.
Can you refer practitioners?
No, we do not make referrals or give medical advice.
How long does the application process take?
The application process involves multiple steps and may take up to two months to complete.
I do not file taxes and cannot provide a notice of assessment, am I still eligible to apply?
No, unless proof of other government assistance is provided.
Do you support international treatments?
No, treatment and services must be registered and licensed in Canada.
I am not Canadian, am I still eligible?
We provide support to Canadian citizens, permanent residents and those with access to provincial government health care.